2013 Placentia Ave., #5 Costa Mesa, CA

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Laguna Bamboo Press

“I often stumble upon bamboo furniture that seems, well… kinda shoddy. Then, once in a while, I find something like Laguna Bamboo, a gem in the woody wilderness. Laguna Bamboo offers some of the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen. The pictures hardly do it justice, the feel, smell and look of his work is awe inspiring. The man behind the work is Richard Goodman who combines his artistic talent with his experience as a home builder to create one of a kind cabinetry that takes bamboo to the next level.While Laguna Bamboo might not be in every Treehugger’s price range, it is something every artist or craftsman can appreciate. Laguna Bamboo specializes in custom-made cabinetry, and is on the cutting-edge of bamboo technology. Because Richard works exclusively with bamboo, he has mastered the art of shaping the raw the material. His trademark is the use of solid bamboo lumber, turned on its end to expose the fine grain -making it durable and beautiful. With a sense of humor, artistic talent, and concern for sustainable living, Richard’s Laguna bamboo has entered into my dream wish list for sustainable products.”

-Tim McGee, Treehugger Magazine